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The third day of competition in 2015 WEVZA U18 Girls Tournament being held in French city of Mulhouse was determined by the struggle for gainning the tickets to semifinals. Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland will clash in the matches for the podium, while the Netherlands, Portugal, France and Belgium will fight for the qualification positions. […]

Representatives of the Zonal Volleyball Association of the Western European countries, WEVZA, attended the annual meeting held in Vienna where the five zonal union of national federations and the Small Countries Division of European Volleyball gathered to analyse the progress of the different organizations. CEV President André Meyer chaired the meeting that congregated representatives of […]

The teams Mersmann / Schneider from Germany and Rossi/Caminati from Italy won the second tournament of the 2015 WEVZA Beach Volleyball Zonal Tour celebrated in french city of Montpellier. The women’s final was between two Germain teams : Bieneck / Grossner, who won this morning against the Italian Toti / Giombini and Mersmann / Shneider, […]

Europe’s, WEVZA’s and Switzerland’s Volleyball family mourn the premature death of Swiss Volley President, Christoph Stern, who died on Wednesday, aged 64, from cancer. After the governing body for Volleyball in Switzerland re-started its activities almost from scratch back in 2002, Stern led Swiss Volley through its ups and downs. With his serenity and friendly […]

Right by the start of a historic FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championship which will be held across four different venues, the Netherlands will be also playing host to the inaugural WEVZA Youth Festival ‘Beach for Peace’. The event is due to take place from June 26 through 29 and is co-hosted by the Dutch Volleyball […]

The WEVZA General Assembly celebrated its meeting this weekend in Frankfurt in a gathering that stated the excellent moment of the zonal association of the Western European countries, and marked the roadmap for the following and thrilling months of the union of national federations. The plenary meeting of the Zonal Volleyball Association of the Western […]

The Executive Committee of the Zonal Volleyball Association of the Western European countries met this weekend in the Dutch city of Amsterdam, in an encounter which evaluated the present situation the institution, and was used to prepare the upcoming events of the union of national federations. The meeting was attended by the President of the […]

The WEVZA Technical Working Group meets this week in Madrid, in a gathering designed to evaluate and prepare the roadmap of the different events that the Zonal Association will organize in the upcoming months. The main office of the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation in Madrid is the venue where the WEVZA Technical Working Group will […]