Momentous week for WEVZA

10/14/2014 pm31 3:12 PM Institutional

The Western European Volleyball Zonal Association will experience a momentous week in the short life of the zonal union of Western national federations. The WEVZA General Assembly will be held on Friday, October, 24 in Turkish city of Antalya, the first gathering of all the members after the creation of the organization last year. The […]

Madrid hosted  the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Zonal Volleyball Association of Western European countries. A transcendental meeting preceded the previous two days by the Technical Commission. The meeting was chaired by WEVZA President Agustín Martín Santos (Spain) and attended by WEVZA Vice Presidents Vicente Araujo (Portugal) and Hans Nieukerke (The Netherlands). The […]

The WEVZA Technical Comission was held on 10th and 11th September at the Hotel Gran Versalles of Madrid. The meeting showed the commitment of the members of the zonal association for development and growth of the youth categories. The representatives of the eight member nations WEVZA worked hard to present several proposals to be discussed […]

The FIVB President, Ary Graça congratulated WEVZA onthe successful launch of the new website of the association last June ( In its first months of life the site had a enormous success, with the coverage of the first competitions of the WEVZA . In his message to Agustín Martín Santos, President of WEVZA, Ary Graça […]

The Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation head offices in Madrid will welcome two transcendental meetings scheduled for the second week of September that will mark the future of the Zonal Volleyball Association of Western European countries. The Executive Committee and the Technical Commission will gather in Spanish capital to evaluate the progress of WEVZA, and to […]

The annual meeting of the CEV Zonal Associations and Small Countries Division was held on Friday morning in Vienna, only some hours before the much anticipated 2014 edition of the European Volleyball Gala set to take place at the Hofburg Palace. CEV President André Meyer chaired the meeting that was attended also by CEV Senior […]

The Executive Committee of the Western European Volleyball Zonal Association (WEVZA) gathered in Madrid in a meeting of great relevance for the future of the organization formed by the countries of Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, France, and Switzerland. The meeting was held at the premises of the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation in Madrid […]

The Executive Committee of the Western European Volleyball Zonal Association (WEVZA) will meet this week in Madrid in order to shape the road map and lay the foundations of the organization that was established last September shortly before the XXXIV CEV General Assembly in Copenhagen. A total of eight countries – Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, […]