The Portuguese teams Gabriela Coelho/Vanessa Paquete and Francisco Pombeiro/José Jardim clinched the gold medal in the WEVZA’s Beach Volleyball Tournament that took place in Praia da Rosa Branca, Quarteira, in Algarve. In the women’s gender, Gabie and Vanessa, the team supported by the Portuguese Volleyball Federation in full-time, won the final match against the Spanish […]

Quarteira in Algarve hosts in Praia da Rosa Branca, from 10 to 12 August, the Men’s and Women’s WEVZA Beach Volleyball Tournament named QUARTEIRA OPEN. This competition will have the participation of teams from Portugal, Spain and Netherlands. Portugal will participate with the teams of Bernardo Silva/Tomás Rocha, João Pedrosa/Hugo Campos, José Silva/Luís Gomes, Frederico […]