Wevza U18, day 2 results

07/25/2018 pm31 8:19 PM Slider, Volleyball

Again a lot of spectaculair plays on the second tournament day of this years U18 Boys Wevza. Today’s results: PORTUGAL – THE NETHERLANDS: 1 / 3  (24-26 / 27-25 / 21-25 / 24-26) SWITZERLAND – FRANCE: 0 / 3 ( 20-25 / 21-25 / 21-25) GERMANY – ITALY: 0 / 3 (18-25 / 23-25 / […]

A battle between Spain and France kicks of this year’s WEVZA U18 boys in Belgium. During the first set, we saw two motivated teams playing intense volleyball. Clearly Spain has had a better start in the first half of set 1. A lot of spikes through the middle confused the French block-defence tactics. As France […]

The match that would rank the 7th and 8th place was played by Portugal B and Portugal A, the strongest team made value of their favoritism wining by 3-0 (25-20, 25-15, 25-17), after a uneven start when they were losing by 5-12. In the end, Manuel Almeida, Portugal’s coach that will play in January the […]

Netherlands will face Germany in the final of the WEVZA U16 Women Tournament that is scheduled for 20h00 on Friday. A match to watch and that places face to face the teams that were in the beginning the favourites. It remains to be known which will be the strongest. The remaining matches are 3rd / […]