19-20 July 2023 Bilthoven, The Netherlands The Dutch Volleyball Federation organised between the 19th and 20th July the U19 Men’s and Women’s WEVZA Beach Volleyball Championships in Bilthoven, The Netherlands. The Women’s competition counted with the participation of  12 teams from Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Portugal. The winner was Annelore Bex/Ines Pirét from Belgium that defeated Lilou […]

10-14 JULY 2023 VALLADOLID, SPAIN   DAY 5 Spain secured the title of the WEVZA U19 by swiftly defeating the Netherlands. The Spanish team only needed to win two sets to claim their first title in WEVZA competitions, and Guillermo Orduna’s players showcased their excellent work throughout the week.   France – Belgium (25-21/19-25/25-23/25-18) France […]

7-9 July 2023 Toulouse, France The French Volleyball Federation together with Toulouse Beach Sports by Mode Technique organized the WEVZA U21 Men’s and Women’s Beach Volleyball Tournament that took place from July 7 to 9 in Place Bouilloux – Lafont in Toulouse (Montaudran) – near the Halle de la Machine. The French team Canet / Rotar were […]

10-14 JULY 2023 VALLADOLID, SPAIN The Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation is organizing from July 10-14 the WEVZA U19 Women’s Volleyball Championship in the city of Valladolid. The competition runs in the Competition Hall Pisuerga and counts with the following countries: Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal and The Netherlnds. The competition can be followed HERE ►

1-5 July 2023 Viana do Castelo, Portugal DAY 5 France became the big winner of the WEVZA Men’s Under-19 International Tournament after winning, tonight, at the Pavilhão de Santa Maria Maior, in Viana do Castelo, European City of Sport in 2023, Italy by 3-2. In the bronze medal match, Germany were stronger than the Netherlands […]

4 June 2023 Valladolid, Spain The city of Valladolid hosted this weekend two great educational activities; I International Congress on Refereeing, which ended on Saturday afternoon, and the XIX International Congress on Volleyball Coaching. Both events attracted the attention of coaches, referees, players and fans in three intense days of enriching presentations for any enthusiast […]

03 June 2023 Valladolid, Spain The facilities of the Sports Residence and the Río Esgueva Sports Center hosted on Friday afternoon the inauguration of the two major training activities to be held this weekend in Valladolid; the nineteenth edition of the International Congress on Volleyball Coaching and the first edition of the International Congress on […]