The Portuguese teams Gabriela Coelho/Vanessa Paquete and Francisco Pombeiro/José Jardim clinched the gold medal
in the WEVZA’s Beach Volleyball Tournament that took place in Praia da Rosa Branca, Quarteira, in Algarve.

In the women’s gender, Gabie and Vanessa, the team supported by the Portuguese Volleyball Federation in full-time,
won the final match against the Spanish team Saucedo/Aballe por 2-1 (21-8, 13-21 e 15-12).
The Portuguese team Mafalda Porto/Matilde Rodrigues managed to get the 3rd place due to injury from the team by
Inês Castro/Beatriz Pinheiro.


Gabriela Coelho and Vanessa Coelho recognized:
“We felt great difficulties when playing against this very same team in the 3rd Round (defeat by 2-0) but we analyzed
very carefully that match and that made the difference.
Today we started very well in the 1st set, but we committed a series of mistakes in the 2nd set and that lead us thinking
into the 3rd and decisive set.
This is our first exclusive year playing beach volleyball and we knew it woudn’t be an easy task, but we keep pushing
and give our best. We are now focused in the final of National Beach Volleyball Championship – ActivoBank”.

In the Men’s competition Pombeiro and Jardim overcame the Dutch team Penninga/Boermans by 2-1 (19-21, 21-13 and
15-13) and clinched the gold medal.
The last step of the podium saw the Dutch team Blom/de Groot that came out victorious against the Portuguese team
João Pedrosa/Hugo Campos by 2-0 (21-15 and 21-16).


Pombeiro and Jardim highlighted at the end:
“This victory is the prize in recognition of the effort we endured this year. We went through difficulties, like the injury of
Jardim, but we never gave up and kept our heads down and kept working.
These tournaments are of great importance to the players beacause they enhance the competition side and particularly
for us it’s always an honour to represent our country at international level”.

Portugal was represented by Bernardo Silva/Tomás Rocha, João Pedrosa/Hugo Campos, José Silva/Luís Gomes, Frederico
Santos/Miguel Sá and Francisco Pombeiro/José Jardim, in the Men’s competition and by Gabriela Coelho/Vanessa
Paquete, Inês Castro/Beatriz Pinheiro, Maria Tinoco/Rita Fernandes, Mafalda Porto/Matilde Rodrigues, Daniela
Pereira/Érica Sampaio, Bárbara Freitas/Soraia Oliveira, Margarida Maia/Carolina Maia and Margarida Rocha/Maria
Jardim, in the Women’s competition.