Technical Section

The WEVZA aims at the promotion of Coaches and Referees development through the exchange of experiences and knowledges. In order to facilitate this transfer of information, the Technical Section in WEVZA official website has been created, a space where technical articles and papers can be published. Therefore, two main columns of information determine this Technical Section: Coaches Publications and Referees Publications.

Coaches Publications

In the Coaches Publications subsection, the main categories will be the following:

  • Technical and tactical

  • Planning methodology and training sessions

  • Game analysis and scouting

  • Physical conditioning

  • Nutrition and mental abilities (Beach Volley)

Referees Publications

In the Referees Subsection, the main themes will be the following:

  • Regulation update and actions guid

  • Refereeing skills

  • Situations analysis and cases

  • Refereeing psychology and personality