reuniao_wevza_porto_fev2019In presence of Mr. Vicente Araujo (WEVZA President), Mr. Eric Tanguy and Mr. Willy Bruninx (WEVZA Vice-Presidents) and FPV representatives: Mr. Teodemiro Carvalho (WEVZA’s Secretariat) and Leonel Salgueiro (FPV Technical Director), the 2019 annual WEVZA EXCOM meeting was organised at the office of the FPV in Porto.

The planned 2019 WEVZA organisations and the WEVZA financial situations were discussed.

Special attention was given to the future working of WEVZA. A new Technical Commission will be created and setup a plan for the 2020 and following years of WEVZA regarding Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Sitting Volleyball activities. For 2019 several events of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball are planed as well as Coaches clinics and Seminars for Volleyball and Beach Volleyball.

Additional attention will be given to Official CEV and FIVB organisations in cooperation with WEVZA Clinics and/or seminars and special support will be given to the organisers for “Youth Events” during the Finals of the CEV European Championships.

It was an excellent meeting organised by FPV with a ‘wide view’ for future projects of WEVZA organisations and Events.

In 2019, the following tournaments are planned:

U19 Men – 10-14 July, in Italy.
U18 Women – 7-11 July, in Germany.

Beach Volleyball
2 U21 Tournaments (Men & Women), in Spain and Belgium.
2 Senior Tournaments, in Portugal and Spain.

Volleyball Coaching Course in Spain (June).
Beach Volleyball Seminar in Spain.