The future of the Western European Volleyball Zonal Association will be written on Friday, October, 24 in Turkish city of Antalya, where the General Assembly of this union of countries will be held, in a historical event that will mark the evolution of the association.

The eyes of all the members of WEVZA will be set in the idyllic setting of Antalya. The first General Assembly of the association after the inaugural meeting last year in Copenhagen will take place in the Mediterranean city, with many essential points in the agenda. The intention of the representatives attending the Assembly in Antalya will be to set the path for the Association in the upcoming years.

wevza2The city of Antalya offers the picturesque spot for such a momentous occasion. The 2014 WEVZA General Assembly will be celebrated in renowned Turkish Riviera since Turkey’s sea resort will also act as venue of the XXXV CEV General Assembly. Just as it happened last year in Copenhagen, the opportunity of having representatives from all the continental national federations gathering in one location is seized by all CEV Zonal Associations to celebrate its meetings; hence, the plenary reunion is not necessarily held in a city pertaining to one of the members of the association.

Therefore, the history of WEVZA will live a crucial juncture in Antalya. The city located in Southwestern coast of Turkey is a widely known tourist destination, which became the third most visited city in the world by number of international arrivals in 2013.  Its longed-for beaches, as well as its ample historic sites and museums constitute the main arguments for the popularity of Antalya among visitors.  As far as Volleyball scene, the famous sea resort is making a name by itself hosting the CEV Beach Volleyball Satellite tournament for the past two years.

The meetings of the WEVZA in Antalya will take place in Hotel Kempinski, a boutique lodge located between the Taurus mountains and the beauty of the Mediterranean beaches.