10-14 JULY 2023



Spain secured the title of the WEVZA U19 by swiftly defeating the Netherlands. The Spanish team only needed to win two sets to claim their first title in WEVZA competitions, and Guillermo Orduna’s players showcased their excellent work throughout the week.


day5_frabel1France – Belgium (25-21/19-25/25-23/25-18)

France and Belgium were fighting for their chances to become champions of the WEVZA U19, and to do so, they had to win their direct matchup. The French team struck first with a great first set in attack, with the effectiveness of Maeva Schalk and Malia Iloai. The Belgians leveled the match in the second set, improving in serving and blocking. The game became closely contested, but France once again found their way to excel and take the lead through their attack. The points from Schalk and Iloai led them to claim the victory and keep their chances of being the WEVZA champions in Valladolid.
Schalk and Iloai were the top scorers of the match with 19 and 17 points respectively, while Pauline Leyten stood out for the Belgian side with 16.
day5_gerpor1Germany – Portugal (24-26/23-25/25-17/23-25)

Portugal achieved their first victory of the competition in a match between teams that had not yet won a game in Valladolid. The Portuguese team made a comeback in the final stretch of the first set and carried their dominance into the second set, paving the way for the triumph. Germany reacted to reduce the deficit on the scoreboard, but the strong attacking play from Portugal decided the match.
Maria Coelho was the standout player for Portugal with 14 points, while Alina Nasin of Germany was the top scorer of the match with 17 points.
day5_esp1Spain – Netherlands (25-15/25-18/25-22)

Spain halted the effectiveness of Aysha Meering and with a solid serving and blocking performance, they secured the victory. Netherlands controlled the third set until the final stretch, where Zoi Mavrommatis’ points allowed Spain to come back and complete a clean sweep of victories in Valladolid.
Zoi Mavrommatis was the top scorer of the match with 11 points for Spain, while Aysha Meering stood out for the Dutch side with 10 points.


– Best setter: Nº 5 ESP Irene RAMOS
– Best Opposite: Nº 11 FRA Malia ILOAI
– Best Outside Hitters (x2): Nº 8 ESP Zoi MAVROMMATIS, Nº 8 FRA Maeva SCHALK
– Best Central Blockers (x2): Nº 12 ESP Jessica AKAMERE, Nº 16 NED Suus GERRITSEN
– Best Libero: Nº 18 BEL Noor DEBOUCK
– Most Valuable Player: Nº 8 ESP Zoi MAVROMATIS





day4_frager1France – Germany (19-25/18-25/16-25)

France achieved their third victory of the tournament by defeating Germany in a match controlled throughout by the French team’s accuracy in serving and blocking, as well as the pressure exerted on the German side, which accumulated numerous errors that prevented them from having a chance in the late stages of the sets.
Maeva Schalk’s 14 points and Nora Legrand’s 5 blocks propelled the French team, while Alina Nasin, with nine points, was the most effective scorer for Germany.
day4_belesp2Belgium – Spain (21-25/25-20/25-16/17-25/14-16)

A highly anticipated final between the two undefeated teams in the tournament, which delivered an exciting match with constant ups and downs in control. The game started with Spain in control, but Belgium turned the tide with Pauline Luyten leading their attack. Spain rallied and put pressure on their opponent, causing them to make numerous errors. In the tiebreaker, Belgium approached the decisive zone with an advantage, but points from Mavrommatis and Inés Losada led to a comeback for Spain, bringing them closer to the ultimate victory in the championship.
Inés Losada was the top scorer of the match with 17 points, while three Belgian players, Luyten, Cos, and Wouters, contributed 14 points for their team.
Portugal – Netherlands (27-25/17-25/14-25/12-25)

The Netherlands claimed their second victory of the tournament by coming back from losing the first set to Portugal, showcasing a great performance by the team coached by Ana Beatriz Santos. The Dutch team grew in their game and performance, leaving no chance for the Portuguese side and marching steadily towards victory.
Heleen Wiegerinck was the top scorer of the match with 19 points, while receiver Ema Torres stood out for Portugal with 8 points.





day3_franed2France – Netherlands (18-25/25-21/23-25/25-21/15-10)

France returned to victories after conquering a thrilling match full of alternations and scoreboard dominance. Netherlands took the lead on two occasions, but France managed to react and force the tiebreak. In the battle to fifteen points, the increasing momentum of the French allowed them to take a slight advantage that would be decisive.
Marina Pezelj’s 16 points and Judith Brunier’s eight blocks (15 points) led the French team, while Aysha Meering stood out for the Dutch team with 21 points.
day3_gerbel1Germany – Belgium (17-25/17-25/20-25)

Three wins in three matches for Belgium, who didn’t give Germany any chance in a match resolved in three sets. The Belgian team once again excelled in their collective performance to establish a solid and sufficient advantage for the victory. The sensational serving performance of the Belgian team with 10 aces countered the blocking efforts of the German team.
Belgian attacker Yana Wouters was the top scorer of the match with 14 points, while Mette Pfeffer, Hannah Hartmann, and Emili Freiyfeldova contributed 7 points for Germany.
day3_esppor1Portugal – Spain (22-25/25-23/25-15/25-16)

A great performance of Portugal surprised Spain from the beginning of the match, acquiring an advantage that allowed them to win the first set. Carlota Echávarri led the Spanish comeback to secure a closely contested second set, giving confidence to the home team. Spain put pressure again with their serve and an efficient attack, confidently walking towards victory and outperforming the Portuguese team.
Attacker Zoi Mavrommatis was the top scorer of the match with 19 points, while Matilde Ferreira stood out for the Portuguese team with 13 points.



day2_nedger1Netherlands – Germany 3-0 (25-19/25-22/25-20)

The Netherlands secured their first victory by defeating Germany in three sets. The strong attack of the Oranje was crucial in controlling the match. Suus Gerritsen, the top scorer for the Dutch with 15 points (5 aces and 4 blocks), dominated the first set with her serves. 6 aces created an insurmountable lead for their opponents. Germany improved in reception, but the Dutch maintained their momentum in the second set with a solid blocking performance. The combination of serve and block, also defined the third and decisive set, sealing the clear victory for the Netherlands.
Svea Neujack and Alina Nasin were the standout players for the German team with 8 points each.


Spain – France (25-18/25-14/25-19)

Spain remains undefeated in the WEVZA U19 after defeating France in three sets. The Spanish team showcased solid and effective play to lead the standings. Pressure with their serves and good reading of the block provided continuity to the Spanish game, resulting in a slight advantage that proved decisive in the first set. A 9-1 run broke open the second set, paving the way for Spain to close it out. France struggled to mount a comeback, and Spain secured a clear victory with strong blocking performances, particularly from Jessica Akamare.
Receiver Zoi Mavrommatis once again led the Spanish team in scoring with 19 points, while on the French side, the most effective player was Malia Oliai with 7 points.
day2_belpor1Belgium – Portugal (18-25/25-22/25-13/25-16)

Belgium claimed their second victory by coming back against a resilient Portugal. The Portuguese team took advantage of their opportunities to win the first set of the tournament, thanks to Lara Silva’s strong serving and the attacks of Matilde Ferreira and Inés Costa. The Belgians mounted a comeback led by their attacker Pauline Luyten, the top scorer with 16 points, who spearheaded the attack in the second set. Yorick Vande Velde’s team found a way to overcome the Portuguese block, guiding them to win the second set and ultimately remain undefeated in the tournament.
Three Belgian players came close to the 15-point mark, similar to Matilde Ferreira, who was Portugal’s top scorer with 15 points.



The WEVZA U19 Women Championship taking place in Valladolid, started with a spectacular and thrilling first day.


day1_nedbelNetherlands – Belgium (18-25/25-27/25-21/25-17/16-18)

The tournament started with a close match between Belgium and the Netherlands, which was decided in a tiebreak after over two hours of play.
The first two sets were controlled by the Belgian team, who managed to dominate their opponent despite the injury to Maaike Heilig in the second set. The Dutch team managed to bounce back after a close second set and, with a collective effort, forced the tiebreak. The victory was just 15 points away, and both teams fought to achieve it. The Dutch took a slight advantage that they couldn’t capitalize on to confirm their comeback, eventually falling in a closely contested match against the strong Belgian team.
Pauline Luyten from Belgium was the top scorer of the match with 19 points, while Aysha Meering from the Netherlands stood out for her team with 13 points.


day1_gerespGermany – Spain (25-19/19-25/17-25/15-25)

Germany dominated the start of the match, taking advantage of Spain’s uncertainties in their performance. With the first set won clearly by the German team, Guillermo Orduna’s squad improved their game from the serve. Ten aces paved the way for the Spanish comeback. Spanish Setter Irene del Carmen Ramos guided the host team to a remarkable turnaround, which they sealed with a great fourth set, controlled from start to finish.
Spanish attacker Zoi Mavrommatis led the local offense with 16 points, while Michelle Baumann accumulated 10 points for the German side.


day1_fraporFrance – Portugal (25-15/25-11/26-24)

France made a swift victory in their debut match against Portugal. The French team clearly dominated the first two sets, thanks to a solid combination of serving and blocking. The Portuguese team gradually grew stronger and made the outcome more challenging for the French side. Portugal had two opportunities to win the third set, but the attacking prowess of the French turned the tables and secured the victory.
Portuguese receiver Maria Coelho was the top scorer of the match with 13 points, while French player Marina Pezelj stood out for her team with 11 points.


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