22 SEPTEMBER 2022 ARNHEM, THE NETHERLANDS WEVZA members met for the WEVZA General Assembly in the Congress Centre of the Olympic Training Centre Papendal, Arnhem, The Netherlands on September 22, 2022 in order to present the report of activities and discuss matters for the upcoming season. Besides the Financial reports and matters that were duly […]

The WEVZA General Assembly takes place on Thursday (22 September) at the Congress Center of the Olympic Training Center Papendal, in Arnhem, the Netherlands. This meeting will focus on administrative and sporting matters, analyzing reports on the year 2022, in which several Volleyball and Beach Volleyball competitions were organized, as well as seminars for coaches. […]

17-09-2021 KATOWICE, POLAND The meeting of WEVZA’s Executive Committee, chaired by Vicente Araújo, President of WEVZA and the Portuguese Volleyball Federation, was held on Friday in the city of Katowice and looked into the calendar of activities to be carried out in the coming year. With the presence of representatives from the eight countries that […]

10-12-2020 The Executive Committee meeting of WEVZA, chaired by Vicente Araújo, was held by videoconference on December 10 and looked at the calendar of activities to be held next year. Strongly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the planned activities will change in terms of timing. Given that the European Volleyball Confederation has postponed the Under-17 […]

Vienna, Austria 16-10-2020 Vicente Araújo, President of the Portuguese Volleyball Federation (FPV), was re-elected President of the Western European Volleyball Zonal Association (WEVZA), at the General Assembly held in Vienna, capital of Austria. At this WEVZA General Assembly, a review of the activities of 2020 was carried out, which were highly conditioned by the Covid-19 […]

04-09-2020 The WEVZA Executive Committee held a meeting by videoconference in order to address and discuss several pending subjects. The present COVID19 pandemic was at the centre of the discussion and the activity developed so far in 2020 was also addressed as well as the upcoming X WEVZA General Assembly, under the points of the […]

14-01-2020 The WEVZA (Western European Volleyball Zonal Association) Executive Committee met today in videoconferencing to discuss financial matters and the organization of competitions to be held during 2020. The meeting was attended by the highest representatives of the Western European Zonal Volleyball Association: President Vicente Araújo, Vice-President of the FPV, and Vice-Presidents Willy Bruninx, from […]

Friday, 15-11-2019 The WEVZA Technical Commission composed by Leonel Salgueiro (Portugal), Luis Muchaga (Spain), Britta Brisken (Germany), Bert Korteling (Netherlands) and Bertrand Leys (France), met today by video conference to define strategies and proposals for 2020 in order to increase WEVZA activities. Portugal will host next January the indoor WEVZA Women’s U-17 Tournament, 1st qualification […]

WEVZA IX General Assembly took place in the French city of Paris on September 26th 2019. Among several subjects the Plan of Activities for 2020 as well as the budget were presented and were approved for Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. This meeting was headed by Mr. Vicente Araújo, WEVZA President, counting with the presence of […]

The WEVZA Executive Committee held today, October 15, 2018, a meeting at the French Volleyball Federation headquarters in Paris, in order to present the Activities’ Plan and Budget for 2019 for Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. The meeting was also the moment for the WEVZA responsibles to prepare the General Assembly to be held on the […]