The first competition day of the 2014 WEVZA Tournament U-18 Men which is being held in the Pisuerga Sports Hall of Valladolid ended with the victories of France, Germany, Italy and Spain over Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal respectively. The group A is lead by Italian team, the only squad who was able to win […]

The 2014 WEVZA Girls Tournament started in Swiss city of Schaffhausen. The eight participant teams debuted in the exciting competition that inaugurates the Girls events in the Zonal Association. Tuesday represented the first day of competition for the first edition of WEVZA Girls Tournament. The spectacular BBC Arena in Schaffhausen acted as venue of the […]

Just a few hours away for the beginning of WEVZA Boys Tournament that will be held in the Pisuerga Sports, the Technical Meeting inititated the protocol of this exciting competition. The event starts on Tuesday and finishes on Saturday and the first edition of this tournament will bring together teams from France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, […]

The 2014 WEVZA Girls Tournament lived its final protocolary event before the start of the competition. All the eight participant teams gathered in the General Technical meeting to review the particularities of the tournament and make contact with the organizers. Representatives from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlnads, Portugal, Spain and hosts Switzerland met one […]

The 2014 WEVZA Boys Tournament officially started Monday morning with the press conference held at “Casa del Deporte” in Valladolid. The first edition of this tournament will bring together teams from France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Holland, Spain and Portugal, and Sweden, taking the place of Switzerland, in the competition that replaces the traditional 8 Nations […]

Polideportivo Pisuerga Sports hall in Valladolid is ready to hold the first edition of Boys WEVZA Tournament. The future of European volleyball will gather in the Castilian city for a week full of emotions in a historic championship for the zonal association. The WEVZA is the Zonal Volleyball Association of Western Europe, a newly created […]

The 2014 WEVZA Girls Tournament is ready to start. With the arrival of teams and the initial protocols of the competition, the first edition of the event is counting the hours for its debut. The starting matches of the tournament are being held on Tuesday, so expectation grows among the participant delegations. The eight nations […]

Swiss city of Schaffhausen lives with excitement the preceding hours to the start of the Girls WEVZA Tournament to take over Helvetic country from Tuesday. The squads of the eight nations of the Zonal Association are making the transition to the idyllic city for five exciting days. BBC Arena sports hall in Schaffhausen is finishing […]

The countdown to the 2014 WEVZA tournament to be held in Valladolid has already started. The Spanish city will host next week the first edition of the tournament which brings together the youth teams…