The teams of Italy and Germany will play the big Final of 2014 WEVZA Girls Tournament. The two squads earned the ticket to play for the title of the competition after winning the two semifinals, two very different matches that showed the excitement of the competition being held in Swiss city of Schaffhausen. The Netherlands […]

Italy and Germany will play the big final of the 2014 WEVZA Tournament U-18 Boys on Saturday as the two teams stayed unbeaten through their semi final matches in Pabellón Pisuerga of Valladolid.  The Italian and the German teams ran over Spain and Belgium, respectively. The Italian overcame the illusion of the local squad, as […]

The third competition day in the 2014 WEVZA Boys Tournament in Valladolid defined the semifinal for Saturday. Italy and Germany, classified on Wednesday, will be accompanied by Belgium and Spain in the fight for the final. German squad ensured the first position of Pool B, and will fight against Belgium to reach the Finals, as […]

The third day of competition in 2014 WEVZA Girls Tournament, being held in Swiss city of Schaffhausen was determined by the struggle for gainning the tickets to semifinals. Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Belgium will clash in the matches for the podium to be celebrated on Friday, while Spain, Portugal, France and Switzerland will fight […]

Italy and Germany remained undefeated after the second day of competition in the WEVZA Boys Tournament held in  Pisuerga Sports Hall in Valladolid (Spain). Italy was the first team to get the ticket to the Semifinals. Italian overcame Sweden in three straight sets in a hard intense match. Belgium closed the group A with an […]

The teams of Germany and Italy took the lead of the 2014 WEVZA Girls Tournament after the second day of competition. The tournament being held in Swiss city of Schaffhausen was marked in the four matches celebrated on Wednesday by impressive performances and the clash to earn the tickets to semifinals. Portugal 0 – Spain […]

The first edition of WEVZA Girls Tournament started on Tuesday in Swiss city of Schaffhausen. The BBC Arena sports hall welcomed eight of the best U17 teams in Europe, for five exciting days of competition that will showcase the upcoming stars of the sport in women category. The first day of the tournament, celebrated on […]

The first competition day of the 2014 WEVZA Tournament U-18 Men which is being held in the Pisuerga Sports Hall of Valladolid ended with the victories of France, Germany, Italy and Spain over Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal respectively. The group A is lead by Italian team, the only squad who was able to win […]

The 2014 WEVZA Girls Tournament started in Swiss city of Schaffhausen. The eight participant teams debuted in the exciting competition that inaugurates the Girls events in the Zonal Association. Tuesday represented the first day of competition for the first edition of WEVZA Girls Tournament. The spectacular BBC Arena in Schaffhausen acted as venue of the […]

Just a few hours away for the beginning of WEVZA Boys Tournament that will be held in the Pisuerga Sports, the Technical Meeting inititated the protocol of this exciting competition. The event starts on Tuesday and finishes on Saturday and the first edition of this tournament will bring together teams from France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, […]