Porto, 18-03-2020


Dear All,

First and most importantly, we hope you and your families are in good health.

Taking in consideration the information collected in the last days
a) the growing number of contagions by COVID19, in Europe;
b) of its pandemic classification, by the World Health Organization (WHO)
c) WHO recommendations regarding the need to adopt universal preventive measures;

The Executive Committee of WEVZA, at its meeting of 18/03/2020 decided to postpone all the WEVZA events (2020) until further notice, namely:

– the organisation of the WEVZA Seminar The Netherlands 2020 – postpone to 2021.
– the organisation of the WEVZA Seminar for referees and Coaches in Spain.

– Youth Boy’s Tournament (U-18) in Spain.
– Youth Girl’s Tournament (U-17) in Belgium.

Beach Volleyball:
– Boy’s and Girl’s U-18 Tournament in Germany.
– Boy’s and Girl’s U-20 Tournament in Italy.

We thank you for your understanding and we sincerely wish you to stay healthy and safe.

WEVZA Executive Committee


Official Documents:

WEVZA Communication [PDF]    |    CEV Communication [PDF]