The Zonal Volleyball Association of the Western European countries, composed by the nations of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland will celebrate its General Assembly this Thursday in Sofia. The plenary meeting of the union of national federations will represent a crucial moment for the zonal association, as one of the points of the agenda will be to elect of the authorities of the institution for the next term.

The WEVZA General Assembly will take place in Hotel Marinela of the Bulgarian city.  Representatives from all the eight national federations will attend the event, which will start with the approval of the minutes of the previous edition of the meeting. The current president of the association, Agustin Martin Santos will then introduce his report on the state of the WEVZA.

Following the economical section of the meeting, the competition points of the agenda will be discussed. After reviewing the competition and technical aspects of the association, the election of authorities will be held.

After deciding the head of the association for the next term, and discussing  miscellaneous points, the meeting will come to an end.