wevza_u17_2020_calendarVIANA DO CASTELO

The « capital » of Minho will host from 7-11 January 2020, the WEVZA Women’s U-17 International Tournament, which will qualify the 1st placed team directly to the Final Phase of the U-17 European Championship.

All matches will be played in the Centro Cultural de Viana do Castelo and the 7 national teams will be distributed in 2 pools.
The National Team of Portugal, headed by Rui Pedro Silva, is in Pool A together with Netherlands and Spain.
The Pool B is composed by Italy, Belgium, France and Germany.

In the first 3 days of competition all teams will paly all against all. The following 2 days are reserved to find the winner of the tournament and the respective final ranking.
The 1st 2 teams of each Pool will play crossed (1st A vs 2nd B | 2nd A vs 1st B) and the winners play the Final. 3rd and 4th places teams will play for the 5th, 6th and 7th places.
The winner of the tournament qualifies directly to the Women’s U-17 European Championship.


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