Computer laptops on table in meeting room.14-01-2020

The WEVZA (Western European Volleyball Zonal Association) Executive Committee met today in videoconferencing to discuss financial matters and the organization of competitions to be held during 2020.

The meeting was attended by the highest representatives of the Western European Zonal Volleyball Association: President Vicente Araújo, Vice-President of the FPV, and Vice-Presidents Willy Bruninx, from Belgium, and Eric Tanguy, President of the French Federation, as well as Teodemiro Carvalho, Secretary General of WEVZA and FPV and Leonel Salgueiro, Portuguese National Federation Technical Director and Coordinator of the Technical Commission of WEVZA.

This meeting also approved the holding of a Beach Volleyball and Volleyball Seminar, which will take place next March in the Netherlands, as well as a Coaches and Referees Seminar in July in Spain.