The teams of Germany and Italy took the lead of the 2014 WEVZA Girls Tournament after the second day of competition. The tournament being held in Swiss city of Schaffhausen was marked in the four matches celebrated on Wednesday by impressive performances and the clash to earn the tickets to semifinals.

Portugal 0 – Spain 3 (20-25, 24-26, 18-25)

HZ2Q8160Spain started the match presenting a similar level of performance as in the disputed defeat of the first day against Italy. Spaniards used the efficiency in second line to put a stop to Portuguese intentions to dominate, and soon controlled the first period to put the 20-25.

Equality marked the second set, as both squads engaged in a disputed demonstration of power. The tie persisted in the scoreboard, as the period advanced and neither of the teams wanted to grant facilities to its rivals. Luck stayed in Spanish side of the court as the team trained by Jose Miguel Serrato achieved the 24-26.

This partial defeat affected Portuguese players, who found themselves lost in their own frustration. Spain dominated the period and its efficiency allowed Spaniards to put the 18-25 that represented the final 0:3.

Belgium 1 – Italy 3 (19-25, 25-17, 14-25, 22-25)

HZ2Q8369Belgium and Italy engaged in a spectacular match between two of the favorites to clash for the top of podium at this tournament. Both squads showed great level of playing in this match for the leadership of Pool B.

The game started with young Italians trying to impose its  dominance in the first period. The Belgian attempts to control its rivals clashed against the efficiency of Italians attack, that allowed the blue team to put the 19-25 in the first period. Belgium reacted in the second set. The blocks by young Belgian players allowed them to take the lead of the period and end up winning the set 25-17.

The key of the match was the third set. Italy presented a sensational performance throughout the period and gave Belgium no options to recover, so to impose a convincing 14-25. After this forceful display, Belgium tried to comeback but the unstoppable attacks by young Italians propitiated a victory 22-25 in the set and the final 1:3. Italy takes the lead of Pool B with this result and gives a step forward towards semifinals.

Germany 3 – The Netherlands 0 (25-21, 25-19, 25-18)

HZ2Q8487Germany and Netherlands clashed in a match for the leadership of Pool A. Both squads had presented their candidacies to semifinals, but ultimately victory went for an inspired German side.

Germany took the lead in the first set, through its display of physical power 25-21. The Netherlands tried to react and forced the equality throughout the second set, preventing its rivals to break the period 19-19. Nonetheless, an impressive run of +6 for Germany ended the set. German side presented an outstanding performance in the last part of the period and situated a 2:0 in the scoreboard that paved its way to victory.

After this powerful demonstration, Germany aimed for the three-setter triumph and dominated the following period.  The Dutch players tried to overcome the situation but ultimately couldn’t avoid the 25-18 that finished the match 3:0

France 0 – Switzerland 3 (20:25, 21:25, 15:25)

HZ2Q8745Switzerland achieved its first victory in competition after beating France in three sets. The local squad, after its defeat in the first day against The Netherlands, needed a triumph to maintain its intentions of qualifying for semifinals, so Swiss players presented an effective performance in the closing match of the day.

Switzerland took an early lead, with France trying to put a stop the locals’ efficiency. However, the host team took the high road towards victory and despite the visiting team efforts, especially in the first two sets, Johannes Nowotny’s girls gave no options and closed the periods 20-25, 21-25.

The third set was completely dominated by Switzerland, as France couldn’t follow the impressive pattern proposed by local squads. The organizers achieved the 15-25 that ended the game 3-0.

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