Inauguración_60003 June 2023
Valladolid, Spain

The facilities of the Sports Residence and the Río Esgueva Sports Center hosted on Friday afternoon the inauguration of the two major training activities to be held this weekend in Valladolid; the nineteenth edition of the International Congress on Volleyball Coaching and the first edition of the International Congress on Refereeing. The opening day has been a great success, with a first contact between luxury speakers and attendees from all over the national and international territory.

The official opening of both events was carried out by the president of the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation, Agustín Martín Santos, and the president of the Castilla y León Volleyball Federation, Antonio Sangrador, who thanked all those present for their attendance, wishing them a great educational weekend, making special mention to the invited members of WEVZA. Throughout the weekend, Valladolid stands as the capital of national volleyball with the celebration of a formative event that had not been held since 2019 and that brings to the forefront important figures referents in volleyball.

Inauguración_1Angelo Lorenzetti, reigning champion of the Italian Super-League at the helm of Itas Trentino Volley, broke the ice in the first session of the International Congress on Volleyball Training, sharing his most effective exercises to train individual serving skills. After the great intervention of the Italian coach, Giulio Bregoli, coach of the Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri women’s team, continued the first day of the Congress with special emphasis on the technique of reception, to give way to a discussion on dealing with emotions in stressful situations in which Lorenzetti, Bregoli and Tapio Kangasniemi, coach of the women’s national team of Finland, participated.

The three speakers of the first session of the International Congress on Volleyball Coaching will be joined on the following day, Saturday, by Miguel Rivera, men’s national team coach, who will also share his experience at the Río Esgueva Sports Center.

Inauguración_2Simultaneously, in the auditorium of the Río Esgueva Sports Residence, Alexander James Steel, an enthusiast of the modern development of rules and refereeing, opened the first edition of the Congress by focusing his speech on the future and evolution of the rules of Volleyball. After the Scotsman’s intervention, Wojciech Maroszek, current president of the Polish Referees Committee, focused on communication skills in a high-level volleyball match. Avelino Azevedo, the third speaker at this International Refereeing Congress, intervened alongside Steel and Maroszek in a final exchange of views on current volleyball.

The three eminences in the refereeing world will again capture the attention of the audience in the second and third session of the Congress that will take place throughout Saturday morning and afternoon.

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