news1_Congreso_Día24 June 2023
Valladolid, Spain

The city of Valladolid hosted this weekend two great educational activities; I International Congress on Refereeing, which ended on Saturday afternoon, and the XIX International Congress on Volleyball Coaching. Both events attracted the attention of coaches, referees, players and fans in three intense days of enriching presentations for any enthusiast of this sport.

The International Congress on Volleyball Coaching had in its nineteenth edition an exceptional line-up of speakers, with the presence of the Italian coaches Angelo Lorenzetti and Giulio Cesare Bregoli, the Finnish coach Tapio Kangasniemi and the men’s national coach Miguel Rivera. Their presentations took place at the Río Esgueva Sports Center.

More than a hundred coaches from all over Spain and abroad came to Valladolid, including coaches from the highest levels of Spanish volleyball such as Máximo Torcello, Fabián Muraco, Fredinson Mosquera, Salim Abdelkader, Juan Diego García and José Valle. None of them wanted to miss the opportunity to continue growing and learning from the invited guests.

day3The first International Congress on Volleyball Refereeing was held at the Río Esgueva Sports Residence, and also featured some of the most important figures, including the Scottish Alexander James Steel, who was to become president of the FIVB Rules of the Game Commission for 15 years, the current president of the Referees Committee of the Polish Volleyball Federation Wojciech Maroszek and the Portuguese Avelino Azevedo, member of the CEV Refereeing Commission and who holds the honor of having officiated the first Olympic beach volleyball match.

All attendees highlighted the quality of the presentations, thanking the opportunity to listen and learn from relevant volleyball figures in both fields. Angelo Lorenzetti, one of the guests invited to share his knowledge during the weekend in Valladolid, added by way of closure that « the game is always changing, we can not stagnate, we must always keep learning to adjust to new models of play », hence the importance of maintaining the celebration of International Congresses and give the opportunity to all attendees to continue training.

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