The Executive Committee of the Western European Volleyball Zonal Association (WEVZA) gathered in Madrid in a meeting of great relevance for the future of the organization formed by the countries of Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, France, and Switzerland.
The meeting was held at the premises of the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation in Madrid and was attended by WEVZA President, Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation President and CEV Vice President, Agustin Martin Santos, together with WEVZA Vice Presidents Vicente Araujo and Hans Nieukerke, the heads of the Portuguese and Dutch Volleyball Federation respectively.

One of the most relevant aspects of the agenda was the analysis of the proposals submitted by the Technical Commission of the organization, after its meeting last November. Thereupon, the Executive Committee resolved to convene the first edition of WEVZA Tournaments, a competition targeted to youth national teams of the member countries which will replace the traditional 8 Nations Tournament.
For Beach Volleyball, four youth competitions will be held this year, while it is foreseen the organization of four senior Beach Volleyball tournaments.

The organization of the Volleyball competitions will be conducted on a rotational basis, with member countries holding at least one tournament every two years, whilst Beach Volleyball tournaments will be arranged upon request among the members.
This structure of competitions will be kept for the first season. However, it is the intention of the association to extend its activities in the years to come.

The working session was completed with economic and administrative decisions and with the scheduling of the upcoming meetings. The WEVZA General Assembly will be held in October, in conjunction with the next CEV General Assembly, while the Executive Committee will meet again next September.

The WEVZA was created last September and forms the sixth Zonal Association in Europe, together with the Balkan Volleyball Association (BVA), the Eastern European Volleyball Zonal Association (EEVZA), the Middle European Volleyball Zonal Association (MEVZA), the North European Volleyball Zonal Association (NEVZA), and the Small Countries Division (SCD).