The final day of competition in 2015 WEVZA U18 Women’s tournament was dedicated to finals with all the matches on the central court and resulted with the crowning of Italy as winner of the championship celebrated on French city of Mulhouse.

Final 7/8: France 3 – Portugal 0 (25:21, 25:14, 25:14)

Both teams had not won a match during the competition and their fight for the seventh place was important for their future. Being this so, in the first set, France and Portugal were very close to each other with several exceptional rallies. In the second and third periods, the French team controlled the match until the end with a 3-0 victory.

Final 5/6: The Netherlands 3 – Belgium 1 (25:18, 21-25, 25:11, 25:19)

Belgium and The Netherlands clashed in a match for the fifth place in the tournament. The Netherlands tried to impose their tempo in the game from the beginning. However, Belgium won the second set after a big battle. The Oranje came back in the third period after the second technical time out and managed to keep the advantage until the end of the match with a victory in the fourth set 25-19, so to close the match 3:1.

Final 3/4: Switzerland 3 – Spain 2 (20:25, 25:16, 19:25, 25:17, 15:11)

Spain, the squad that has become the five-sets specialist in this competition, started the match with a great level of performance and won their first period 25-20. Switzerland reacted in the second set and momentarily upset their rivals 25-16 but in the third period Spain came back to put the 25-17 before losing again the fourth set. Then, the Bronze Medal was set to be decided in a tie Break and after exceptional points, Switzerland won this battle 15-11 and reached the third place of the tournament.

Final 1/2: Italy 3 – Germany 0 (25:20, 25:23, 25:23)

Italy and Germany clashed in a match for the Gold Medal. Both squads had not lose any match during the competition, but ultimately the victory went for an inspired Italian side which made the best choices in the critical periods of each set.

The Italian squad won the title and also several individual awards for its players as n°19 Vittoria Alice PIANI was declared Best Opposite and MVP of the competition.

Final Ranking

1 – Italy
2 – Germany
3 – Switzerland
4 – Spain
5 – The Netherlands
6 – Belgium
7 – France
8 – Portugal