The Western European Volleyball Zonal Association will experience a momentous week in the short life of the zonal union of Western national federations. The WEVZA General Assembly will be held on Friday, October, 24 in Turkish city of Antalya, the first gathering of all the members after the creation of the organization last year.

The Hotel Kempinski in Antalya will act as venue of the 2014 WEVZA General Assembly. Representatives from the eight national federations members will meet in the Turkish Mediterranean city, so to evaluate the successful first year of life of the organization.

WEVZA was officially launched as CEV Zonal Association on September, 2013, in the inaugural General Assembly celebrated in Danish city of Copenhagen. Barely one year later, all the members will get together again to analyze the actions of the association in the last months, as well as with the intention to decide the roadmap for the upcoming months.

The General Assembly will initiate with the opening by WEVZA acting president, Agustin Martin Santos, and the approval of the minutes of the meeting held in Danish capital last year, as well as the review of the three Executive Committee Meetings celebrated up to this moment, one in Portuguese city of Porto, and two in Spanish city of Madrid.

Administration and Financial issues will catalyze the attention of the Assembly during the onset of the meeting, to be continued with the analysis of competition and technical reports and communication review.

National federations will also have the opportunity to present proposals to improve the operations of the association. A more detailed agenda will be announced shortly.