The teams Mersmann / Schneider from Germany and Rossi/Caminati from Italy won the second tournament of the 2015 WEVZA Beach Volleyball Zonal Tour celebrated in french city of Montpellier.
The women’s final was between two Germain teams : Bieneck / Grossner, who won this morning against the Italian Toti / Giombini and Mersmann / Shneider, victorious against French today and unbeaten in the tournament. And the suspense has been long. After winning the first set, Mersmann / Shneider have almost been reached. But between these two teams, which know each other well, the team with the worst ranking kept their advantage in the second set. Thus, Mersmann / Schneider earn the gold medal, while their Bieneck / Grossner compatriots won silver.
Men’s final was between the Belgian Koekelkoren / Van Walle (who eliminated the French Daguerre / Salvetti yesterday, and have again caused surprise this morning face to the favorites of the tournament, Ingrosso’s Italian brothers) and Italian team Rossi / Caminati, a pair very self-confident in this tournament, who won his semifinal game in 2 sets against the Germans Dollinger, A. / Wickler. The first set was for the Belgians, who continue to surprise in this competition. But after two missed match balls, Italians took advantage of some Belgian techical errors due to excessive risk-taking, to even 1 set all. This defeat have been fatal for the motivation of the Belgians, who let the third set, after had the opportunity to win the game. Italians Rossi/Caminati, issue from qualifications, won the gold medal.
Despite their defeat this morning, during semi-final, against the German Mersmann / Shneider (seed No. 3 and winners of the CEV Satellite Molodechno), French players Cazalet/Giaoui realized an excellent job in this tournament! Indeed, in the game for the bronze medal, they won quickly the first set. But, maybe a little tired by the hot and intensity of the meeting, French women lost the 2nd set. In the decisive set, thanks to the good aggressiveness of Deborah and the beautiful conclusion of points of Zoe, they won the bronze medal, in front of a full audience !
Men side, the game was extremely tight. The result was known only during the tie break between German Dollinger, A. / Wickler and Italian brothers Ingrosso. Italian team, not at its best level, from the start of this tournament, failed again (22-24, 21-11, 14-16), which sent the Germans on the 3rd step of the podium