Portuguese city of Macedo de Cavaleiros hosts the first edition of the WEVZA Under 21 Beach Volleyball Championship. The best teams under 21 years of age from the member national federations will travel to the idyllic Portuguese venue to show the outstanding level of Beach Volleyball in these countries.

The Zonal Association of the Western European nations lives one its most anticipated moments with the celebration of the 2014 WEVZA Under 21 Beach Volleyball Championships. Duos from the national federations compete for glory in Portugal, in this first edition of the competition that aims to promote the development of the sport among the member countries.

All the representatives will gather in a pool and they will play each other in the first day of competition. The best qualified teams will pass to the second round to play the matches that will decide the fight for podium.

WEVZA Beach Volleyball competitions lived its kickoff last July with the celebration of the 2014 Under 19 WEVZA Beach Volleyball tournament, an event celebrated in Dutch city of The Hague and closed with the final victory of Spain’s Jiménez/Huerta and Pascual/Ruiz.

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