The WEVZA Technical Comission was held on 10th and 11th September at the Hotel Gran Versalles of Madrid. The meeting showed the commitment of the members of the zonal association for development and growth of the youth categories. The representatives of the eight member nations WEVZA worked hard to present several proposals to be discussed by the Executive Committee. The next encounter of the Technical Commission of the WEVZA will take place in 2015 in the Netherlands.

Koenraad Hoeyberghs (Belgium), Olivier Audabram (France), Ralf Iwan (Germany), Alessandro Marsaglia (Italy), Bert Korteling (Netherlands), Teodemiro Carvalho (Portugal), Luis Muchaga (Spain) and Anne-Sylvie Monnet (Switzerland) represented their national federations in the meeting was held in Madrid.

Main agenda items treated by the Technical Commission were the analysis and evaluation of the competitions contested in 2014 and developed amendments to the respective competition regulations. Also, the Commissión proposed the creation of new competitions for next years, specially focused on increasing participation in Beach Volleyball, while offering more activities for Under 17 category.

The Technical Commission proposed to the Executive Committee enhanced the organization of tournaments in the Zonal Beach Volleyball Circuit, after the decision of  CEV and FIVB to grant these events points for the world ranking. The Technical Commission shall also submit to the Executive Committee a project for an WEVZA club tournament that would be disputed in the preseason period.

The Technical Commission has developed a plan to implement the creation of the technical section of the web, with articles written by coaches and international referees. The comission analyzed for the future projects of technical seminars, campus and festivals for children both volleyball and beach volleyball.

The Technical Commission submitted its proposals to the Executive Committee and technically developed and implemented projects and activities approved by. The Executive Committee will meet on September 11th and 12th. In addition to assess different administrative and financial matters, the main management body of the institution will examine the feedback from the events organized in the past months