The WEVZA Executive Committee will meet this Friday in Amsterdam in the first encounter of the year for the top management body of the Zonal Volleyball Association of the Western European countries. The Dutch city will follow the Excom meetings celebrated in Madrid and Porto and will evaluate the main points of interest of the association.

The Zonal Volleyball Association of the Western European countries faces a challenging second season, in which the members will intend to continue the successful first year of the organization by laying down the principles to establish the main competitions and events of the alliance of national federations from Western Europe.

The meeting of the Executive Committee will be held on Friday in Amsterdam and will be attended by WEVZA president, Agustin Martin Santos and vice-presidents, Vicente Araujo and Hans Nieukerke. The reunion will review the lasts events of the association, namely the meetings of the Technical Working Group in Madrid last January and the General Assembly held in Antalya last October. After the report by the president of the association, administrative and financial matters will be discussed. The organization of competitions will focus much of the attention of the meeting, as a thrilling season is expected to take place this year. The committee will review the organizers and calendars of the main events, either in Volleyball and Beach Volleyball, and reports on WEVZA Cup and Beach Volleyball Zonal Tour will be presented.

In addition to this, the celebration of Youth Beach Volleyball Festival, to be held in Den Hague next June, as well as the creation of first WEVZA Coaches Seminar, foreseen for June in Valladolid, will be analyzed in the encounter.

After the presentation of reports regarding technical and communication issues, the committee will review the documentation for the WEVZA General Assembly, which is scheduled for April, 17th and 18th in German city of Frankfurt.