The Technical Commission of the Zonal Volleyball Association of the Western European countries gathered this weekend in Dutch city of Amsterdam, in a meeting set to analyse the last season of events and competitions and to prepare the roadmap for the next period.

Representatives from every one of the members of the WEVZA met in Amsterdam for two hectic and productive days. The progress of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball competitions was evaluated, as well as the technical projects developed during 2016. Also, plans and competitions for 2016 were discussed.

The Commission agreed on the satisfaction from the representatives regarding the progress of the different events, mainly due to the successful adaption of the age ranges of the competitions. Regarding possible improvements, the gathering recommended upgrading the organizational level of the competitions, together with a greater entailment of national federations in the local organisations of the tournaments.

The meeting also decided to review the registration, confirmation and resignation deadlines, either for venues and competition dates, in order to adapt competitions to the requisites that have been marked by the CEV.

In this aspect, the Technical Commission recommended to submit a request to CEV so to extend the competition period to organise the qualification tournament for U15/U16 competitions in 2016, in order to coincide it with school holidays.

Regarding Beach Volleyball, the Technical Commission decided the revision of the competition calendar for 2016, with the intention of integrating the events to the tight agenda of CEV and FIVB tournaments.

Lastly, the meeting resolved to provide country members with the terms and conditions to present projects to organise coaches seminars and festivals for next season.