The WEVZA Technical Working Group meets this week in Madrid, in a gathering designed to evaluate and prepare the roadmap of the different events that the Zonal Association will organize in the upcoming months.

The main office of the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation in Madrid is the venue where the WEVZA Technical Working Group will meet. The discussions start on Tuesday and are foreseen to finish on Wednesday, with the participation of Teodemiro Carvalho from Portugal, Michel Everaert from The Netherlands and Luis F. Muchaga from Spain.

Among the topics to be discussed, the group will analyze the different WEVZA competitions for this year, either in Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. The calendar and schedule of the tournaments, together with the prospective organizers and competition venues and dates will center the deliberations.

In addition to this, the group will evaluate the celebration on WEVZA Cup, the senior club volleyball competition scheduled to start this year. The Competition regulations and Organizers Terms and Conditions will be the points to be debated.

In the section of Beach Volleyball, the working group will study the celebration of the Beach Volleyball Festival. Following the meeting of this week in Madrid, the Executive Committee of the association will receive the project analysis for the development of this event.

Another of the events that WEVZA plans to undertake this year is the first International Coaches Seminar, a gathering that intends to expand experiences and knowledge among coaches from the member countries. The definitive project will be presented to the Executive Committee for its approval. With the miscellaneous points, the meeting will come to an end on Wednesday.