IMG_812819-20 July 2023
Bilthoven, The Netherlands

The Dutch Volleyball Federation organised between the 19th and 20th July the U19 Men’s and Women’s WEVZA Beach Volleyball Championships in Bilthoven, The Netherlands.

The Women’s competition counted with the participation of  12 teams from Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Portugal.
The winner was Annelore Bex/Ines Pirét from Belgium that defeated Lilou Destailleur/Romane Sobezalz from France by 2-0 (21-9, 21-16). The 3rd place went to the hojme team Floor Hogenhout/Trijntje Veerbeek that won against Mila Jancar/Sophia Neuss from Germany 2-1 (21 – 23, 21 – 17, 15 – 13).

Full Classification:
1. Annelore Bex/Ines Pirét (BEL)
2. Lilou Destailleur/Romane Sobezalz (FRA)
3. Floor Hogenhout/Trijntje Veerbeek (NED)
4. Mila Jancar/Sophia Neuss (GER)
5. Floortje van Losser/Tess Spaansen (NED)
6. Marion Beauve/Lotte Pareyn (BEL)
7. Emma Dumont/Anne Line Vervloet (BEL)
8. Rika Dieckmann/Anna-Chiara Reformat (GER)
9. Eli Grossen/Elin Shana Kluser (SUI)
10. Alina Guerra/Maelle Meessen (SUI)
11. Anna Jongeneel/Esmee Witjes (NED)
12. Martina Ribeiro/Barbara Castro (POR)

Full competition with results and photos



IMG_8030The Men’s competition saw 7 teams from Germany, Portugal, The Netherlands and Belgium fighting for the top spot of the podium. The final match was played between the German teams Tristan Fröbel/Tamo Wuest vs Julian Hikel/Ole Sackermann and the top place of the podium went to Tristan Fröbel/Tamo Wuest by 2-0 (16 – 21, 17 – 21). The Portuguese team Ricardo Pedrosa/Tomas Teixeira managed to clinch the 3rd place, winning against the home team Yannick Verberne/Benjamin Koch.

Full classification:
1. Tristan Fröbel/Tamo Wuest (GER)
2. Julian Hikel/Ole Sackermann (GER)
3. Ricardo Pedrosa/Tomas Teixeira (POR)
4. Yannick Verberne/Benjamin Koch (NED)
5. Roan Basslé/Timo de Gaspari (BEL)
6. Zeno van Hout/Alexy Humblet (BEL)
7. Mica Bezemer/Joran Maurice (NED)

Full competition with results and photos 

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