Igor Volley Nopvara - Volleyball Academy Zurich322-24 SEPTEMBER 2023

The Western European Volleyball Zonal Association (WEVZA) Cup 2023 made its mark in Novara, Italy. This tournament promised not only the trophy for the winner of the WEVZA CUP but also a coveted spot in the forthcoming CEV Challenge Cup 2024.
Novara had the responsibility to defend Italy’s title won last season by Chieri. Along the way, they had to face teams from across Western Europe, including Germany’s Rote Raben Vilsbiburg, France’s TFOC Volley-Ball, and the Volleyball Academy from Switzerland, all prepared to play their best game in Pala Igor Gorgonzola.
After a grueling round-robin competition format extended over three days, Igor Gorgonzola Novara came up victorious followed very close by Rote Raben Vilsbiburg. Last two places were for the Volleyball Academy Zurich and Terville Florange OC from France.

Igor Volley Novara - Vilsbiburg10Anne BUIJS (NED) was elected MVP of the tournament.