wevza_techFriday, 15-11-2019

The WEVZA Technical Commission composed by Leonel Salgueiro (Portugal), Luis Muchaga (Spain), Britta Brisken (Germany), Bert Korteling (Netherlands) and Bertrand Leys (France), met today by video conference to define strategies and proposals for 2020 in order to increase WEVZA activities.

Portugal will host next January the indoor WEVZA Women’s U-17 Tournament, 1st qualification round (zonal) for the European Championship.
This tournament qualifies the 1st ranked team directly to the Final Phase of the European Championship.

Volleyball activities for 2020:
– WEVZA Men’s U-18 qualification tournament, in January – Spain
– WEVZA Women’s U-17 qualification tournament, in January – Portugal
– WEVZA Men’s U-18 Tournament, in July – Spain
– WEVZA Women’s U-18 Tournament, in July – Belgium

wevza_tech1Beach Volleyball activities for 2020:
– WEVZA BV Men & Women’s U-18 Tournament, in June – Germany
– WEVZA BV Men & Women’s U-20 Tournament – Italy (date TBD)

Besides these competitions a Seminar for refereees and coaches is set for July in Spain as well as an Exchange Seminar for coaches in a place and date TBD.