The Executive Committee of the Western European Volleyball Zonal Association (WEVZA) will meet this week in Madrid in order to shape the road map and lay the foundations of the organization that was established last September shortly before the XXXIV CEV General Assembly in Copenhagen.
A total of eight countries – Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, France, and Switzerland – decided to join forces to create a sixth Zonal Association in Europe, next to the Balkan Volleyball Association (BVA), the Eastern European Volleyball Zonal Association (EEVZA), the Middle European Volleyball Zonal Association (MEVZA), the North European Volleyball Zonal Association (NEVZA), and the Small Countries Division (SCD).

The first meeting of the WEVZA Executive Committee was held last October in Portugal. The meeting coming up in Madrid will be chaired by WEVZA President and Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation President Agustin Martin Santos, who is also a CEV Vice President, and attended also by WEVZA Vice Presidents Vicente Araujo and Hans Nieukerke, the current chairmen of the Portuguese and Dutch Volleyball Federation respectively.

As they meet on Wednesday at the premises of the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation in Madrid, they will have to take some important decisions, starting with the competition calendar for the year 2014 and with an analysis of the regulations drafted for the various zonal competitions coming up in the next months. Similarly to all other Zonal Associations, WEVZA will also have to focus their activities on youth and junior competitions, alongside a Zonal Beach Volleyball Tour. A series of financial and administrative items will also be discussed as the members of the WEVZA Executive Committee want to make sure the Association will count on well-defined procedures and also on the financial resources that are necessary to support its activities. The study of possible projects for the future and the schedule of the next meetings complete the agenda.