wevza_GA_2022_64022 SEPTEMBER 2022

WEVZA members met for the WEVZA General Assembly in the Congress Centre of the Olympic Training Centre Papendal, Arnhem, The Netherlands on September 22, 2022 in order to present the report of activities and discuss matters for the upcoming season.

Besides the Financial reports and matters that were duly presented and approved all subjects concerning the 2022/2023 season were addressed and discussed as follows:

Sports, administrative and development for 2022:
Volleyball Competitions
Beach Volleyball Competitions
Volleyball Seminar for Coaches
Beach Volleyball Seminar for Coaches

Sports, administrative and development programs for 2023
Volleyball Competitions
Zonal CEV Qualifier (January, Men U17 – ITA)
Zonal CEV Qualifier (January, Women U16 – GER)
WEVZA Championships (July/August, Men U19 – POR)
WEVZA Championships (July/August, Women U18 – SUI)
Beach Volleyball Competitions
WEVZA Tournament (Winter time, M/W U21 – FRA)
WEVZA Tournament (Summer time, M/W U21 – NED)
Coaching Seminars