Representatives of the Zonal Volleyball Association of the Western European countries, WEVZA, attended the annual meeting held in Vienna where the five zonal union of national federations and the Small Countries Division of European Volleyball gathered to analyse the progress of the different organizations.

CEV President André Meyer chaired the meeting that congregated representatives of the five Zonal Associations (BVA, EEVZA, MEVZA, NEVZA and WEVZA) as well as of the Small Countries Division (SCD), in an opportunity to review the activities carried out by the five organisations and by the SCD since last year’s CEV General Assembly in Antalya, Turkey. The Zonal Associations and the SCD are working hard to fulfill their primary mission which is to promote Volleyball and Beach Volleyball at the grassroots level and to ‘grow’ the next generation of elite players.

The role of the Zonal Associations and SCD will be pivotal to the organisation of two age-group competitions that were recently added to the CEV portfolio. Next year the five Zonal Associations and the SCD will indeed be responsible for the organisation of the qualification phase leading towards the first historic U16 Women / U17 Men European Championships which are due to take place in 2017.

The same applies to the inaugural CEV U17 Beach Volleyball Continental Cup whose zonal phase is set to take place later this summer and finals will be organised in 2016 thereby also qualifying the European teams that will compete at next year’s FIVB U17 Beach Volleyball World Championships.

“The role of the Zonal Associations and of the Small Countries Division is being strengthened especially when it comes to their contribution to the development of our sport at the grassroots and to the organisation of age-group competitions,” Mr Meyer says. “We have taken plenty of positives from today’s meeting and would like to congratulate the Zonal Associations and the SCD on the excellent work they have done so far. We continue to rely on their help and support to grow the next generation of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball stars.”

Source: CEV