The Zonal Volleyball Association of the Western European countries presented its first annual report in front of the CEV General Assembly.  The union of national federations from West Europe based its presentation in the success acquired after its first year of existence.

Following the successful WEVZA General Assembly, celebrated on Friday, the Zonal Volleyball Association of the Western European countries made its first report to all the European Volleyball family, gathered in Turkish city of Antalya. The presentation continued the sense of unity and satisfaction reflected in the WEVZA General Assembly and pointed out the highlights of the successful first season.

The process of constitution of the association, the economical and administrative organization as well as a review of the main meetings celebrated this year opened the WEVZA report in the CEV plenary gathering, wbich is being held in Kampinsky Hotel in Turkish city of Antalya. In addition to this, the relevance of the competitions celebrated this year under the umbrella of the Zonal Association was stated, namely two under age  Volleyball competitions and five Beach Volleyball tournaments. Also, the 2015 calendar was proposed, making an emphasis in the extension of the WEVZA competitions for the next season, through the organization of four Volleyball tournaments and six Beach Volleyball championships, together with the first edition of the senior Club Cup and the different events of the Beach Volleyball Zonal Tour.

CEV president, Andre Meyer, valued the efforts in the creation of the association and the head of European Volleyball together with the rest of the continental Volleyball family congratulated WEVZA members for the hard work in the constitution of the last one of the Zonal Associations included in the CEV.