The success of the «Beach Volley & Indoor Webinar – How do you combine beach and indoor training?», organized in partnership with the Netherlands Volleyball Federation (NEVOBO), exceeded all expectations and opened the door to a new series of similar initiatives to be held under the aegis of the Western European Volleyball Zonal Association (WEVZA).

webinar_ned1With 303 registered trainers, covering 50 countries, the webinar moderated by Peter van Tarel (NEVOBO) and taught by experts Victor Anfiloff, Joep van Iersel and David Jones, showed the differences and similarities (same but different) between the two variants of Volleyball (in terms of passing, attack, block and setting, physical training load and transition between the Indoor and Beach seasons).
The webinar also focused on factors that can help to reconcile the work of trainers (hybrid programs), all presented with great objectivity and an equal dose of humor, captivating participants and encouraging debate around the core issues of the Webinar.

Webinar Presentation HERE ►