This morning, it was the official beginning of the main draw of the Wevza Zonal Beach Volley Tour. For this Pool play phase, 4 pools of 3 teams were made in each gender. Only the first two pairs in each pool will access to the quarterfinals.
This afternoon, French Cazalet / Giaoui made a huge game, under a very hot sun in Montpellier. Indeed, losing the first set, they won the second and, few minutes later won the tie break, thanks to their first match point. Zoe told us « we are very happy to be qualified in the quarterfinals but we must stay focused to get the first place in the group tomorrow morning!  » They have thus eliminated the Dutch Driessen / Meertens, which had largely lost their first match of the day earlier against German Bieneck / Grossner (GER). For other French Jupiter / Longuet, it was not as easier ! In fact, they lost against Spanish Soria / Lobato, seed No. 2, first on CEV Wevza Montpellier of the last year. Spanish who had been beaten – big surprise – by Italian Zuccarelli / Lestini this morning during a very tight game : 1-2 (17-21, 21-10, 14-16). The day continued with an total French game, on the Pool C. After losing their first set, young Adelin / Lusson came back on the game winning their second set, thanks to really clean points. They won the tie break, too and told us «we are happy to stay in the race despite a laborious beginning of this game!»
Unfortunately, this victory also meant the elimination of French Chamereau / Sarpaux, who had lost their match this morning against seeded No. 3 German Mersmann / Schneider. Note the quarter-final qualification of Raquel / Carla, the single Portuguese team of the tournament. They had lost their first match against the Italians from qualifications Toti / Giombini but benefited of the forfeat for medical reasons of the 2nd Italian team of the pool : Momoli / Gioria.
Belgian Koekelkoren / Van Walle, who had lost this morning facing the Ingrosso brothers (ITA) stay on the tournament thanks to their victory this afternoon against other Italians Cecchini / Martino. Italians will have to win against their compatriots and seeded No. 1, Ingrosso brothers, to stay on the tournament. A duel Spain / Germany took place on the sand of the Theâtre Helios ! Seeds n°2, Poniewaz brothers played against the only representants of Spain: Tomas / Menéndez. Spanish first created the surprise by winning the first set, but they lost the second, logically by the Germans. But, during the tie break, Spanish team made the job, with their third match point – second surprise of the day ! Indeed, as they had already lost the game against Ficosecco / Casadei (ITA), Poniewaz brothers are eliminated. Later, another German team played on the central court : Dollinger, A. / Wickler met Rossi / Caminati (ITA). Italians, seed No. 3 and present at the Continental Cup in Montpellier in last may, had lost their first game against their compatriots Colaberardino / Vanni (with a worse ranking), but they won their game of the afternoon,
The last game of the day opposed Thiercy / Di Giantommaso (FRA) to Swiss Kovatsch / Kissling J. Young French players had lost their match this morning against other French Daguerre / Salvetti, and told that they really want to  » gain experience during this international tournament”. And they surpassed, because they obtain a tie-break, after losing the first set.
But, during this decisive set, young players lost 15-9 and are eliminated, in front of a really encouraging audience.
Under a burner sun and about 45 degrees in the field, the Pool play will continue tomorrow. Following these meetings, we will know all qualified for the quarterfinals of the CEV Wevza Zonal , matches that will take place tomorrow afternoon