Vilvoorde, Belgium, October 6, 2017. The annual WEVZA Technical Meeting took place in Vilvoorde on Thursday with representatives from the eight WEVZA member Federations coming together to draft plans and activities up to 2020. Mr Jean-Paul De Buysscher, President and Mr Koen Hoeyberghs, General Technical Director of the Flemish Volleyball Federation joined the meeting as well.

wevza_6-10aWEVZA Vice-President, Mr Willy Bruninx opened the meeting by welcoming all participants to the Euro Volley Centre in Vilvoorde. He outlined the major goals set for WEVZA for the coming years in terms of organisation and delivery of activities and participation as well, focussing on the provision of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball competitions for the younger age groups. Mr Bruninx stressed the importance of involving all National Federations in the drafting and eventual approval of the WEVZA calendar of activities as well as of any changes to the existing competition regulations.

The Technical Meeting split into two working groups, one focussing on Volleyball, the other on Beach Volleyball, in order to identify priorities and prepare proposals for each discipline. On top of this, the attendees could listen to a review and analysis of the WEVZA activities successfully delivered in 2017. The closing session of the Technical Meeting, with all participants coming together again, delivered an overview of the plans and programmes designed for future WEVZA activities.

wevza_6-10bMr Guy Juwet, President of the Royal Belgian Volleyball Federation and Mr Michel Henno, WEVZA Treasurer joined the closing session of the WEVZA Technical Meeting. They congratulated the representatives of the WEVZA countries for their excellent work and for their contribution to the role played by WEVZA in further growing Volleyball in Europe while wishing all attendees a safe trip home and much success in all of their respective activities and endeavours.

“It was a very good and productive meeting,” Mr Bruninx concluded, “and I think all members of the Zonal Association are satisfied with the outcome of the talks and discussions we have had.” The WEVZA Executive Committee members will now study and eventually approve the proposals resulting from the Technical Meeting as they convene at the end of October in Porto.