This morning, the international CEV WEVZA tournament started on the sand of the central field at Helios Theatre, Montpellier, with qualifications.
In each gender, the team with the best FIVB ranking is meeting the 8th team, 2nd is meeting 7th and so on ...
And, the four teams who lost their game were eliminated while the others were accessing the main draw tomorrow.

The only German team Mersmann / Schneider of the day was qualified automatically because the team she had to meet was missing.
Then, the young French Richard / Plot (17 and 19) made their entry in the competition against the Italian Zuccarelli / Lestini. But after winning the first set, french players lost the second on an ace, while they had a match point.In the decisive set, in 15 points, French have unfortunately ran after points and were inclined 9-15.
For the only game France VS France of the day, the team Giaoui/Cazalet won against their young compatriots Koutchouk/Carrere in 2 sets. Deborah and Zoe are qualified for the Main Draw tomorrow : “we are very happy to come back tomorrow in this very beautiful place” !
The last game, for women, opposed two Italian teams: Dalmazzo / Fasano and Toti / Giombini. With a temperature of 42 degrees celsius on the sand, Toti / Giombini players , the last 4th Baku European Games last week, totally dominated the game by winning their two sets.

It started with a 100% Italian match between  Michienzi / Lupo A. and the seeded No. 9, Rossi / Caminati, who won the recent WEVZA Zonal Barcelona. They confirmed their favorite statut in this gmae, winning it 2 sets to 0. 
For the second game of the afternoon, the only German team of the Qualifications met Colaberardino/Vanni (ITA). Despite an equalizing in the second set and a short lead from the German Betzien/Schneider, Italian teamm won the game  with their third match point.
For the two last games of the day (Italian meetings), Ficosecco/Casadei won their match relatively easily (2-0) against Galli / Morichelli. Cecchini and Martino , after a very tight first set against Abbiati / Andreatta ( 24-22 ), won the match and were the last qualified of the day.

Finally, Italy will send 4 men’s teams ans two women’s teams to the Main Draw. A German team and a french team will play also tomorrow, for the pool play. Indeed, today’s qualified teams will join the teams of main draw of the tournament . In each gender, there will be four pools of three pairs (according to their FIVB ranking). Only the first two teams of each pool will continue the tournament.

Tomorrow night, it will be the “Partner’s party” of the event on the sand of Montpellier !