The Executive Committee of the Zonal Volleyball Association of the Western European countries met this weekend in the Dutch city of Amsterdam, in an encounter which evaluated the present situation the institution, and was used to prepare the upcoming events of the union of national federations.
The meeting was attended by the President of the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation, Agustín Martín Santos, as head of the association, as well as by vice presidents Vicente Araujo, from Portugal and Hans Nieukerke, from the Netherlands, in addition to the advisers Luis F . Muchaga, Teodemiro Carvalho and Michel Everaert.

Following the approval of the minutes of the last meetings and the report by WEVZA president, Agustín Martín Santos, the meeting proceeded to analyze the main financial affairs of the entity. The closing of the budget for 2014 was presented, and the forseen budget for 2015 was reported, with the required amendments and proposals to be approved by the upcoming General Assembly.

On the sporting side, the Excom decided that Spain will be hosting the WEVZA girls U16 Championship, a tournament to be celebrated in Valladolid coinciding with WEVZA U19 Men Championship, which was already planned in Spanish city for next July .

The Executive Committee also decided to distribute the organizers for the rest of volleyball competitions for the season; namely, France will host the women’s U18 Championship and Italy will host the men’s U17 tournament.

The governing body of WEVZA also decided to postpone the celebration of the WEVZA Cup, following the indication resulting of the economic and sporting viability report.

Regarding Beach Volleyball, it was agreed that Portugal will host the WEVZA U19 men and women Championships, a competition to coincide with the under-21 men’s tournament that was already scheduled to be held in the Portuguese town of Macedo. Portuguese federation will confirm in one week the viability of the organization of these competitions and if the Iberian national federation could not host the U19 tournaments, both championships will be held in the Spanish town of Lorca.
Meanwhile, Belgium will host the WEVZA Beach Volleyball U17 men and women Championships.

The meeting also evaluated the organization in The Netherlands of the Youth Beach Volleyball Festival, a great event to be held in The Hague from June 26 to 30, which aims to bring together young players from WEVZA countries, as well as from CEV and FIVB in the previous days of the celebration in the Dutch city of the FIVB World Beach Volleyball championship, in a great celebration of the sport.

Moreover, a significant progress was made in the organization of the first WEVZA seminar of coaches, as organizational conditions for this event were presented.

With the decisions regarding the agenda of the General Assembly, to be held next April in the German city of Frankfurt, and miscellaneous topics, an intense day of meetings came to an end.