The WEVZA General Assembly will be held this weekend in German city of Frankfurt, in two intense days of meetings that will set the tone of the upcoming future of the Zonal Volleyball Association of the Western European countries.

The plenary session of the zonal association will take place in NH Frankfurt Mörfelden Hotel in German city and it will evaluate the current situation of the union of national federations. In addition to reviewing the main aspects of the present moment of the association, the Assembly will prepare the thrilling and eventful second season of competitions forseen for the next months.

The meeting will start with the approval of the minutes of the previous encounters of the association, namely the General Assembly held on October 24th, 2014 in Turkish city of Antalya and the Executive Committee held on February 20th,  2015 in  Dutch city of Amsterdam. Following the report of WEVZA  president Agustin Martin Santos, the representatives from the eight national federations will evaluate the financial and competition matters.  This last point will serve to present and to assess the main events to be organized this season, such as Volleyball and Beach Volleyball competitions, Beach Youth Festival and WEVZA Coaches Seminar.

All the representatives will attempt to give impetus to the association and to take the successful union of nations to a new level. The General Assembly will also be attended by CEV President, Andre Meyer. The head of the European Volleyball Confederation will arrive in German city on Friday to show his support to the association.